Numeric-Legrand UPS

  • I-PDU (Inteligent Power Distribution Units)

    i PDU
    i PDU is designed with highly reliable power distribution systems and intelligent Branch Circuit Monitoring System (BCMS), providing continuous monitoring of power parameters, energy consumption and enabling effective management of threshold load levels in Data centers and other critical applications.

    I-PDU -20kVA – 250kVA


    • Data Centre
    • Network Hubs
    • Server Rooms
    • Industrial Applications


      • Compact design of 600 x 600 mm to have high power to volume ratio
      • Power distribution expandable up to 168 branch circuits
      • Customised solution for users requirement
      • Minimizes risk on investment by allowing incremental expansion of your future facility
      • TVSS available as standard feature
      • Retrofits to any existing distribution systems can be offered after study
      • Simplifies server consolidation plans
      • Meets the growth demands of dual cord equipments.

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